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At some point in business you’ve probably thought, “man, if I just had two of me, I could get so much more done!” Overwhelm can often go hand in hand with running a business because we feel that we have to do everything— and do it all ourselves. A big growth spurt/“aha moment” in my […]

3 Misconceptions About Outsourcing DEBUNKED


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Friends, we are on our last blog post in the “Pricing Prescription” series all about pricing + price guides! But— this might be the most helpful  blog post out of the whole series, so keep scrolling with me!   Today we’re covering the THREE things your price guide MUST HAVE in order to convert your […]

3 Surprising Things Your Price Guide Must Have

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I still remember my first portrait collection price guide PDF from back when I started my business…   There was no Canva or Photoshop templates on Etsy— I made that baby on Microsoft Word! (Am I aging myself right now?)   And I was PROUD of that price guide. I would send off that PDF […]

3 Reasons Your Price Guide Should Not be a PDF

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So on our first date… my husband, Jared, ALMOST didn’t make a good impression.    See— he arrived late.    I don’t know about you, but when a date arrives late on the first date, it gives me one big impression: uhhh do you really care about this date?!    Luckily, he called me and […]

How to Make a First Impression That Gets You Instant Bookings

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Do you believe there’s a right and wrong way to do things?   I personally think that when it comes to business, there are a lot of different paths we can take to achieve our goals!   Rather than right or wrong, I like to say better or BEST!   And when it comes to […]

How the Right Price Guide can Raise your Prices

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So, you sent off your price guide yet again to hear nothing but crickets, huh?   I hate that feeling! It leaves you wondering, what was I missing?    I’m no stranger to getting ghosted. In fact, back in 2019, I got ghosted so much that I got completely fed up with it and totally […]

3 Reasons Your Price Guide is Getting you Ghosted 

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ICYMI, I’ve been teaching all about value via my masterclass Stand Out Anywhere! Create your own unique value proposition and communicate your value to ideal clients to see better bookings this year! Value is based on perception; meaning, whether or not a prospect decides to book you is based on whether or not they PERCEIVE […]

Stop getting overlooked: increase your value perception, increase your bookings!

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We are often blessed to welcome couples into our client family that if we could, we would shoot their wedding every weekend! Katherine and Dalton are one of those couples. From the moment we met them we were ELATED to shoot their wedding. This couple exudes kindness, fun, and joy. We shot their engagement session […]

Katherine & Dalton | Big Cedar Lodge Branson, Missouri Wedding



Have you ever gone shopping only to pick up an item you like, look at the price tag, and feel your jaw drop to the floor at how expensive it is? This is called “sticker shock!”   I remember once when we were on a trip in San Diego I went into an Anthropologie store […]

How to Avoid *Sticker Shock* With Your Pricing

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I saw an Instagram story recently where a photography educator shared a poll asking what other photographers goals for the year were… The resounding and unanimous answer? “Book more clients!” “Fill my calendar!” “Take twice as many weddings/portraits!” Although, as any photographer knows, booking more clients can be tougher than it seems.  Finding your ideal […]

Don’t Do This When Trying to Book More Clients

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