April 8, 2022

3 Reasons Your Price Guide is Getting you Ghosted 

So, you sent off your price guide yet again to hear nothing but crickets, huh?


I hate that feeling! It leaves you wondering, what was I missing? 


I’m no stranger to getting ghosted. In fact, back in 2019, I got ghosted so much that I got completely fed up with it and totally revolutionized my inquiry system (which eventually took my ghosting rate down 60%! But that’s for another blog post later…)


I’m sure like 2019 version of me, your price guide is gorgeous. I bet it has your logo and a pretty font and your very best photos traced throughout… And hopefully, looking at your prices you think, “I am confident in these numbers and ready to serve new clients!”


So why isn’t that enough? 


What is the disconnect between getting an inquiry— someone who is interested in working with us— to sending a price guide and them vanishing?


I have a hunch why! And I’m going to share it with you today! 


Coming at you hot: three quick wins you can apply to your price guide *this week* to see less ghosting in your inbox!


If you can apply these quick and practical tips I am almost sure you will start to see changes in your ghosting rates by next month! 


Quick tip #1: if your guide is outdated, update it! 


Trust me, I know how busy you are. Updating your price guide is the last thing you have time for! I have been there, trying to squeeze in a collection update and re-save my price guide when I have ten free minutes— is it necessary? Is good enough… good enough?


Typically, a prospect can tell if your guide is outdated, and I can be a major turn off! If you have anything dated (like if it says 2021 Collections but it’s 2022 now) it will come across as if you have neglected your pricing or are not detail-oriented. 


Double check that your headshot is updated (did you change your hair recently? Update it!) and that your wording matches the current year and your current offerings! And finally, make sure your portfolio images in the guide are fresh!


Quick tip #2: Your price guide is focused on numbers and not connection 


Listen, there’s no shame in a single page price guide that just lists your collections. It’s simple and to the point and easy to send. Been there, done that, personally loved it. So what’s the issue with just sending prices on a single page?


You are literally encouraging and/or allowing the prospect to price shop you. 


You might think you’re doing them a solid by keeping it simple, but that’s not effective on your part if you want to actually book them! 


It’s your job to truly guide this prospect with your guide… that’s why it’s called a guide. 😉 


Instead of throwing numbers in their face directing them straight to their budget (which will likely result in them just comparing you to someone else’s prices, making their booking decision totally based on who was cheaper), give them a reason to stick around!


To help the prospect move from price shopping to “hey, I could really see myself working with this photographer— I love her!” here’s what you need to do:




Connect with them through understanding where they’re at, what they’re looking for and want and how YOU are going to give it to them like no one else can! 


What this looks like in the real-real: copy! 


Yes, your pricing guide NEEDS more than numbers. You gotta write some words in there, and I DO NOT mean just an about page that’s all about how you like mocha lattes and your goldendoodle! (Although it’s okay to put those things in there. Just don’t let that be the ONLY thing you talk about!) 😉 


You need copy that connects with your prospect— words that make them say, okay… this girl/guy totally gets me and my vision! I want to work with them because I know we’d click!


That way when it comes to seeing your pricing, it will seem valuable and worth the cost because they like YOU enough to pay for your work! 


As for ghosting— listen, it’s harder to ghost someone that you feel a connection with! Trust me… this tip WORKS! If your price guide doesn’t have copy (and copy that CONNECTS) then this is the time to get it in there!


Quick tip #3: your guide doesn’t have any tantalizing details to help the prospect envision working with you 


This quick win goes hand-in-hand with #2! If your price guide is just pricing, you’re very likely to get ghosted unless your prospect is simply looking for a photographer that only aligns with their budget. We want more than that, right?!


So here’s the thing… when I go to a restaurant and look at the menu, you know what I end up getting? I usually get something on the menu that I see a yummy picture of or something that sounds really good in the description! If the server handed me a menu that just said:


Burger – $10

Taco – $5

Fries – $2


Guess what? I’m just going to order based on the money in my pocket. But… if the menu describes the most delicious-sounding entrée and tells me it comes with a side and a drink and dipping sauce— yeah, I’m in! Even if it’s a little more than I planned on spending! 


The same concept can be applied to your price guide!


Detailing out what is included with each collection, what your process is like, what the experience is going to be like working with you, and sharing testimonials is like painting a picture of a delicious entrée on a menu. 


You want to tantalize your prospect a little bit here so they know that they’re going to get something GOOD working with YOU! 


This also helps to communicate the value of your pricing! We love knowing that what we’re going to invest and spend money on is going to include everything we want and need and make us feel how we want to feel. We tend to buy with our emotions first! 


So, make sure you include details about your collections— more than just pricing and what is included with each package! How does your process work? What makes it special? What can they expect that maybe other photographers don’t offer? Give them all the juice!


While you’re here, I want to mention a new freebie that serves as a great next step to this blog post! 


When you price correctly + present your pricing well = you’re more likely to book clients that are a perfect match for you! This is why I created a free collection plug-and-play pricing calculator. Enter your email, plug in a few numbers, and like magic you can see what you **really** should be charging! And… I’ll show you quick action steps on how to book clients even after raising your rates!



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