Shelby & Jared

As a husband and wife wedding photography team, we have the unique gift of working together to create a unified vision for our clients. Shooting in a way that is elegant and timeless, we bring our clients' stories to life and give them a legacy they can cherish forever.

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husband-and-wife creative duo specializing in storytelling for romantic couples | educators for creative business owners 

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mr calm and collected


Shelby and I met and started dating while in college. She decided to teach me photography so that I could come along with her to some of her photoshoots. Fast forward a few years and we have been married for three years now! I am the lead videographer for our weddings, second shooter photographer, and also hold the title "carrier of all the bags." 

the sweetheart & artist


Lead wedding photographer and flower-obsessed, the lady answering your emails and telling jokes during your session, I will be the one guiding you through your experience! I grew up a tomboy, but now my days revolve around tulle, garden roses, and everything blush! Aside from serving clients, I also thrive on educating other photographers and creatives to design a life and business they love.


are you a photographer Looking to grow your portfolio, better your business, and simplify your life?

our workshops are a time for connection, growth, and talking all things photography and business.

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We were married in late June under the shade of oak trees, surrounded by family and friends. The day we started our marriage was the best day of our life, and we want the same for you! We hold high value on marriage and love being a part of such a special day for our couples! We're here to cheer you on in your marriage!

As a married couple, we love to cheer on our couples' marriages! We value love above all else.


There is nothing more refreshing to us than taking photos in a beautiful new place! From California to North Carolina, to traveling across the Midwest and even Europe, traveling fuels us to stay creative, be curious, and always be exploring. We love to vlog our adventures together and encourage others to live a life of travel!

east coast or west coast, united states or beyond, traveling the world is how we stay inspired!


Art and design is a big part of where we are today. Jared minored in art in college, while Shelby worked as a writer and watercolor artist. Jared's background in graphic design, and Shelby basically thinks she's Joanna Gaines and styles everything in sight, so you could say that we have a huge passion for artistry and creating!

at the core of our business, we are artists, and we dig into this part of ourselves in every time we create

Summer Nights

We both love the summertime! Whether it's camping somewhere far away  or in our own backyard, we await the sweet heat of summer like nothing else. We enjoy hiking, tending to our garden, kayaking, going to drive-in movies, and spending as much time outside as we possibly can!

Is there anything better than laying in a hammock looking at the sunset on an August night?

Simple Living

Shelby grew up on a flower farm, and both Shelby & Jared come from generations of farmers. Together, we both share a love for a life of simplicity, finding the joy in the everyday, and cherishing what we have. We are both laid-back, and you can expect us to try to find the good in everything.

we believe that the best life we can live is a life that is true, simple, and honest.


If you follow us on Instagram, you know that faith is a big component of our lives. We believe that God is our truth–– He guides us in both life and business! We want our faith to permeate all that we do, including the work we give our clients for the best experience with us!

Faith changes everything, and God is the reason for our abundant blessings

 Our Philosophy

as storytellers, this is

We call ourselves creative storytellers because we want to truly know our clients and their story as a couple. As your Branson MO wedding photographer + filmmaker, we will listen to you, understand your vision, and tell your love story in a timeless and personalized way. 

We love working with couples who want to cherish their wedding day for years to come. Our goal is to simplify the wedding photography and filmmaking part of your big day so that you can focus on enjoying every moment. 

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