February 25, 2022

How to Avoid *Sticker Shock* With Your Pricing

Have you ever gone shopping only to pick up an item you like, look at the price tag, and feel your jaw drop to the floor at how expensive it is?

This is called “sticker shock!”


I remember once when we were on a trip in San Diego I went into an Anthropologie store because I had never been inside one in person (we don’t have those where I live!) 

I wandered around, having fun looking at all of the pretty designs and clothing pieces. I saw a hat that I thought was cute, but it looked pretty affordable. It was a small beret, pretty thin, and not made of the best material. I figured, “this is probably in my price range.” 

I tried it on and then looked inside the border of the hat for the price tag…

Let’s just say it cost almost as much as my flight ticket to California!

I experienced major sticker shock because the quality and aesthetic of the product did not match the price tag attached to it.

Did you know that this can happen in your own business with your pricing?

 If your business’s brand and client experience does not match the value you’re listing on your price page, more than likely your prospective clients are looking at your collections list and experiencing the same thing I did in Anthro that day: total sticker shock.

How can we avoid this problem? 

We show and guide our prospective clients through the value they will receive working with us through these things:

  • Our brand visuals
  • Our brand message
  • Our client experience and process


If you need help refining these elements of your business so that your prospective clients are no longer experiencing sticker shock upon receiving your price guide, I invite you to snag my free instant masterclass for photographers, Stand Out Anywhere! Click below to get access!

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