April 15, 2022

How the Right Price Guide can Raise your Prices

Do you believe there’s a right and wrong way to do things?


I personally think that when it comes to business, there are a lot of different paths we can take to achieve our goals!


Rather than right or wrong, I like to say better or BEST!


And when it comes to your price guide, there is definitely a better… and a best. 


The best way to design, develop, and deliver your price guide will result in great first impressions, high conversions, and more ideal bookings. In fact…


I believe that with the *right* price guide, you can even raise your prices! 


Curious to know more? Keep reading for this little training where we’ll touch on:


  • Making first impressions that invite prospects to see how you and your prices are their match made in heaven (even with a price raise!) 
  • How to communicate expertise within your price guide, thus resulting in less sticker shock from prospects
  • The best way to include social proof that helps clients see the value of working with you (no matter the cost)


The right price guide = price raise quick win #1: make a first impression that feels like an invitation


You know how in the movie Cinderella the princess-to-be gets an invitation to the ball? Despite being a lowly house cleaner, she is invited to a beautiful experience; can you imagine that feeling? Excitement, envisioning yourself in that ball gown having the time of your life, your dreams coming true…


Imagine if your prospects had that *same feeling* when they open your price guide?


If you could give them that “invitation” feeling, don’t you think that they’d love to work with you? Even if your prices were a smidge higher than what they originally budgeted? 


While I am not saying we should ever coerce prospects to spend money they do not have, I am encouraging you with this notion: often, we buy with our emotions, and often, photographers are passed over and price shopped simply because they do not know how to communicate their value to their ideal clients in a way that translates to *feelings*


What? You thought price guides were about numbers? Think again!


The *right* price guide makes a professional first impression (nice images, thoughtful design, clear information) but it also guides the prospect into the first glance of what your client experience is going to feel like.


So how does this coincide with raising prices?


We pay for how we want to feel. 


If your client can open your price guide and see that you will deliver the feeling they want to feel by working with you, often the objection of price is pushed to second base. Not that budget won’t matter or that they’ll throw a blank check at you by any means, but that they will move from a mentality of price shopping to a mentality of dreaming alongside you, willing to work with you on the financial side of things to see how you can work together because you are SUCH a good fit for them.


The right price guide = price raise quick win #2: create a sense of security with expertise 


Imagine that you walked into a new medical office for a broken foot. You’ve never been to this place and have no idea what to do about your broken foot. All you know is you need help from someone!


What if you walked in and no one greeted you? No one came and told you where to sit or offered you a chair or gave you paperwork to fill out… no one explained which doctor would tend to you or what their expertise was or even if they could help you heal your foot… would you stay in that office??


Nope! You’d hobble right on out of there, Google “best foot doctor in town” and go to someone with expertise, right?


You know why?


Expertise = security.


We trust people with expertise. We *pay* people with expertise. 


A pretty price guide with a nice design and cutely named collections might get your information across to prospects… but so will everyone else’s! You might just be another photographer in the mix of their inquiries… what will make YOU stand out?


Lean into that expertise, friend. Give that prospect the security that they can trust you are worth the cost!


If you can communicate your expertise clearly, your perceived value will rise in the client’s eyes, meaning that when they scroll to your price page and see that price raise, they’ll think— of course she/he is that much… They are an expert and worth the cost!


The right price guide = price raise quick win #3: show them the results other clients have gotten 


I bet you have testimonials on your website, but do you have them on your price guide?


Testimonials add social proof and help prospective clients visualize how they will get what others have gotten from you. It strengthens their belief that you are worth the cost because they will receive the results they want if they hire you. They know this for a fact because they see that others have received it! 


You know ok infomercials how they’ll bring on actors who use the product and show a before and after? 


“Before, my couch was stained with wine, but look at it now! It’s pure white!”


“This pill helped me lose 100 pounds— I can attest that it is amazing!” 


Honestly, it’s when we hear it from someone else’s mouth that we start to believe it as true… we start to say to ourselves, “I want what they got!” 


That’s why you need testimonials on your price guide! It simply reinforces that you are worth the cost of your services because clients are singing your praises!


Now that you know WHAT you need in order to communicate the value of your prices in your price guide and book those ideal clients… it’s all about the HOW! 


Here’s where I can help you right now! 


When you price correctly + present your pricing well = you’re more likely to book clients that are a perfect match for you! This is why I created a free collection plug-and-play pricing calculator. Enter your email, plug in a few numbers, and like magic you can see what you **really** should be charging to make profit!



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