April 5, 2022

Stop getting overlooked: increase your value perception, increase your bookings!

ICYMI, I’ve been teaching all about value via my masterclass Stand Out Anywhere! Create your own unique value proposition and communicate your value to ideal clients to see better bookings this year!
Value is based on perception; meaning, whether or not a prospect decides to book you is based on whether or not they PERCEIVE your price to = the value they’re gonna get. 
If you’re like me though, that sounds confusing, and you might be saying, “explain this to me like I’m 5 and make it something easy and actionable I can do like, RIGHT NOW.” 
Coming right up!
Analogy hot and ready for you: 👇🏼
This image below is a gold bracelet (clearly.) The image beside it is ALSO a bracelet. They have basically the same link style, they’re the same length, and they’re both 18k gold.
As far as you can perceive, you could get either of these bracelets and feel like they’re worth the same value, right?
Image item
The image on the left is actually a bracelet from Amazon for $14.99. (What a steal!) The bracelet that looks nearly identical on the right? It’s a bracelet from Tiffany’s…
For $499.99.
How is it that these products can be nearly the same, but one of them is “worth” so much more?
Yep, good answer— it’s all about perceived value. 
If you look on Tiffany’s website, their message is clear: you have stepped into the world of luxury. Not only do you see images that evoke luxury, but it’s in their message.
It’s not necessarily the product that makes people willing to spend oodles of money on these pieces… Their MESSAGE is what brings them luxury customers and gets their products bought at any price.
The crazy thing? You can do the same thing! Your message, when clearly communicated, can increase your perceived value… and thereby get you more and bigger bookings! 
Now… what’s this look like in the real real? Messaging and perceived value might make sense, but you’re a busy biz owner and you need to nail down a message STAT and get it out in the world by next week, right?  What does this look like for a wedding photographer?
I’m glad you asked 😉
I have a real life example from a photographer friend right here: Meet Lelia!

Image item

I asked Leila a few simple questions and from her answers I’m going to formulate a quick, easy-to-understand and effective UVP custom to her and her ideal client!
1. Give me 2-3 adjectives to describe you as a photographer – not your style but how you work as one. Ie – calm, discerning, fun, high energy etc
Leila: Calm, encouraging, relaxed
2. Describe your photo work/style with three adjectives
Leila: Ethereal, joyful, artistic
3. What are your brides generally looking for in a photographer – what end result do they want
Leila: An experience where they feel special, are given experienced guidance, and walk away with creative images
4. What are two areas of expertise/things you do really well? Ie – client experience, fast turn around, you make clients feel confident etc
Leila: Make clients feel seen and supported. Deliver elevated images
STEP 1: We’re going to look at who Leila is serving. It’s always best to start with your ideal client in mind! She is serving couples who want to feel special, want guidance, and want creative images. Check!
STEP 2: We’re going to look at what Leila does really well. She is great at making clients feel seen and supported and delivers on elevated imagery. Check!
STEP 3: Now we look at HOW Leila does this. She says she has high touch client experience, fast turn around, and makes her couples feel confident in front of the camera.
STEP 4: Finally, we pick out the main result Leila is serving up: The end result her clients are getting is elevated imagery from their wedding day.
Add this all up and we get:
I create joyful and artistic imagery for couples who want an experience as special as their love story. I specialize in guiding couples to feel confident and supported so they can have the elevated creative imagery they’re dreaming of for years to come. 
This statement clearly communicates what sort of experience and service prospective couples can expect when working with Leila. Why does this matter? Because as couples are price shopping around, it’s THIS sort of scroll-stopping, clear, unique value proposition that is going to make Leila stand out in the clients mind. 
If these things align with what the prospect is looking for… he/she will be EXCITED to move forward with booking because it’s an exact fit for what he/she has been looking for! 
This statement would be the perfect above-the-fold beginning to a Leila’s Price Guide, website, or even a get to know me Instagram post! It could be repurposed/shortened for an Instagram bio and more!
Does it make sense now why I am soooo passionate about teaching you about your UVP?! 😉

While you’re here, I want to mention a new freebie that serves as a great next step to this blog post! 


When you price correctly + present your pricing well = you’re more likely to book clients that are a perfect match for you! This is why I created a free collection plug-and-play pricing calculator. Enter your email, plug in a few numbers, and like magic you can see what you **really** should be charging to make profit! And… I’ll show you quick action steps on how to book clients even after raising your rates!


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