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May 6, 2022

3 Surprising Things Your Price Guide Must Have

Friends, we are on our last blog post in the “Pricing Prescription” series all about pricing + price guides! But— this might be the most helpful  blog post out of the whole series, so keep scrolling with me!


Today we’re covering the THREE things your price guide MUST HAVE in order to convert your ideal clients well!


I’m gonna cut the fluff and dive right into these easy tips and quick wins with you!




I bet you have testimonials on your website, but do you have them on your price guide?


Testimonials add social proof and help prospective clients visualize how they will get what others have gotten from you. It strengthens their belief that you are worth the cost because they will receive the results they want if they hire you. They know this for a fact because they see that others have received it! 


You know on infomercials how they’ll bring on actors who use the product and show a before and after? 


“Before, my couch was stained with wine, but look at it now! It’s pure white!”


“This pill helped me lose 100 pounds— I can attest that it is amazing!” 


Honestly, it’s when we hear it from someone else’s mouth that we start to believe it as true… we start to say to ourselves, “I want what they got!” 


That’s why you need testimonials on your price guide! It simply reinforces that you are worth the cost of your services because clients are singing your praises!




If the word “copy” sounds intimidating like a high school composition essay, I’m going to give you a super easy formula that’s going to make this seem as easy as writing down your Chic-fil-a order.


Use this UVP (unique value proposition) formula: what does your ideal client need + want, how do you give them that result, and how do you do it unique to anyone else through what you are really good at?


Example: let’s say my couples want an incredibly fun, adventurous, and intimate wedding photo experience. Let’s say I give them that result through my customized elopement packages where I travel to cool destinations with the couple + their closest friends and family. Let’s also say what makes how I do it unique is that I am really fantastic at bringing my couples emotions into the images— like I can make people gush their hearts out during sessions and tear up and cry and my images are so emotive they will make a lump in your throat just looking at my insta feed. 


Using this simple formula, you can create a very clear message to attract your ideal clients from your very first impression. A statement like the above will go much farther than generic statements like, “photographer for couples in love” or “serving couples with creative imagery.” That’s simply not enough to stand out or connect with your dream clients! 


That’s why you need connection-based copy in your price guide! 




Analogy time: the other day Jared and I went to a restaurant where you had a little grill in front of you at your table to cook your own meat for Korean BBQ. We had never been before, and so when we sat down, we were waiting to be told how this process worked… the server took our drink order, asked what meat we wanted, and… that was it! We were literally sitting there Googling how exactly this grill thing worked, how long to cook the meats, and trying to find a menu online all the while these plates of meat were just staring at us!


We felt lost because we wanted to know what our next step was.


Naturally, as humans, we want a roadmap. We want to know what the next step is. When it comes to being a service provider, you need to always make sure you are reiterating what your client’s next step is. You are their guide. The best part of this though is that you can guide your prospect to take the next step YOU want them to take!


When it comes to your price guide, that next step, or “call to action” might be emailing you for more information, booking a consultation, or looking at a proposal. That next step is one little commitment closer to booking! 


A call to action might seem redundant (don’t they know what to do next?) but I recommend you not skip this step— take the reins and tell your prospect what the next step is to working with you.


After reading these tips, are you feeling like it’s time to make some changes? 


Have you been denying that feeling that your pricing needs a good overhaul— your collections, price guide, all of it?! I have the *perfect* first step on your roadmap to perfect pricing! 👇🏼


Download my free collection plug-and-play pricing calculator. Enter your email, plug in a few numbers, and like magic you can see what you **really** should be charging! 


And even better, you’ll receive micro trainings from me on how to leverage your price guide to get your the bookings that are your perfect match!  



+ Plug in your own numbers to see what you need to charge to cover your costs and pay yourself for your time correctly (no more emotional pricing!)


+ Identify what your hourly rate is


+ Create pages for multiple collections so you can update that price guide ASAP



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