July 7, 2022

Outsourcing Photo Editing – Conversation with Kayla







I had the pleasure of interviewing Kayla McCollom on IG Live and ask her all about outsourcing editing… and man, she delivered! You can read the Cliffnotes version below or watch the 15 minute replay here!


What does PhotogBFF do? Who do you serve? What are you all about?

  • PhotogBFF is an outsourcing agency for both wedding and portrait photographers. Private photo editing is our primary service that we offer. So our clients are matched with their own personal editor that they communicate with one on one. 
  • We also launched outsourcing for content marketing last month!


The hardest part about outsourcing is giving up control. Can someone else do it the way I do it? As photographers, we feel like artists and we wonder if someone else will be able to replicate the art that we are making if you look at editing as an art form. So how does the process work? How does someone get started? 


  • That’s probably the number one concern we hear because editing is so subjective. There are so many little nuances with everyone. We have a mantra with our team; “we act like we own it”. We teach our editors to edit like their reputation is on the line. 
  • We have put together a process that ensures consistency. 
    • Consultation call
    • Service agreement – discuss how many catalogs they’ll want you to send
    • Zoom call with the client – we have them edit 3 to 5 images and walk us through their editing style and process. 
  • Listening to someone walk through their editing process has been a game changer. Our editors are able to see and hear exactly what you do and your reasoning for it. 
  • The first catalog you get back, you’ll probably have a few tweaks here and there but after 2-3 they usually get it down. 


I’m sure one of the biggest questions you get is how much does it cost. For me, when I look at the numbers compared to how much time I’m saving, it’s beyond worth it. I have so much more time to spend with clients, respond to emails, be with my family, etc. 


  • The cost is usually per image. There are two main types of editing companies – batch or private. 
    • Batch will sync your anchor settings, maybe do some exposure and corrections, but that’s about it, and they are usually 15-25 cents per image. 
    • Private is like what we discussed before, really figuring out your editing style and doing all of it for you. That is around 30-45 centers per image. 
  • That is a big expense all at once, but it just comes down to ROI. It is hours and hours and you have to look at what you could be spending those hours doing to increase your pricing and value. When you are a photographer you are selling your time, so if you want to grow you have to cut down your time somewhere else. 


What would you say to the person who says they just can’t give up control?

  • If you find the right editor for you, it will work. It is a process though. When you do find the right editor you will need 2-3 catalogs for them to find your style. 
  • Go into it knowing that it may take a little bit of time to find the right person. Schedule a consultation call and ask questions. 
  • We have a free download on our website – 12 questions to ask any editor. Make sure you get that info from every editor you talk to. 


For a while I told myself that my business wasn’t big enough or I didn’t have enough clients to hire an editor. Do you think you need to have a ton of clients before you outsource or do you feel like anybody can?


  • I tell photographers that 2 things need to be in place
    • 1. You need to make sure you cover the cost in your packages. If you run the cost and outsourcing is going to make you not profitable anymore then you should wait until you can either raise your prices, or have a little more income coming in. 
    • 2. You want to make sure you have nailed down your style and can replicate it consistently. 


Where can someone look to find an editor


  • Facebook is the best place. There are outsourcing photographer Facebook groups. Ask your photographer friends for referrals, or google search for private editors. 


You can schedule a call with Kayla and find some free resources at her website- photogbff.com

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