June 27, 2023

How shooting like film attracts my ideal clients

Hey there, photog friend!
Ready to attract those high-end wedding clients? Here’s a secret weapon for you: shooting your wedding photography to look like film. Trust me, it’s pure magic. Want to know why?
1. Timeless Elegance: Infuse your images with timeless elegance that high-end clients adore. Capture that classic and sophisticated vibe that film-inspired photography brings to the table.
2. Nostalgic Appeal: Take couples on a nostalgic journey, back to an era of romance and artistry. Deliver that emotional connection and nostalgic charm through film-inspired images.
3. Attention to Detail:  Impress high-end clients with your dedication and artistry in crafting stunning images.
4. Stand Out from the Crowd: Set yourself apart with a cohesive film-like aesthetic. Offer high-end clients an extraordinary visual narrative that makes you their top choice.
5. Artistic Interpretation: Bring your unique artistic vision to a couple’s wedding day. Capture their story with a fresh and creative approach, adding your magical flair.
Shooting your wedding photography to look like film is the key to attracting high-end wedding clients. Embrace the timeless elegance, nostalgic appeal, attention to detail, ability to stand out, and artistic interpretation it offers. Let your creativity soar as you create extraordinary and captivating images that leave a lasting impression!

If you’re looking for all of the beauty and nostalgia of film with the ease of shooting digitally, I have a FREE resource for you!

I have tediously tweaked my own presets to emulate the look of disposable film and would love to share some of the grainy goodness with you!

Click here to download a color + black and white preset that I love to use on my own photos!

Also, be on the lookout for the launch of  my upcoming full pack of disposable film presets and new masterclass, Shoot Like Film! Grabbing the free presets above automatically puts you on my launch list so that you are the first to hear about when this new product releases (and you’ll get a special bonus!) All of the film fun launches July 25th!

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