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You’ve built your business with sweat, blood, and tears – but in between all the things you know you’ve done well lies the grey area of what could be.

If your business feels like an emotional (and financial) roller coaster, pulling you down and sending you into a spiral of burnout, I’m here to help. 

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I help photographers like you create significant-to-you income, optimize your time, and approach your work and life in a way that feels aligned and intentional. 

Because business issues are personal issues. Let’s identify the root cause(s) of your challenges and start prioritizing the RIGHT things that will allow you to build a business that supports the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Hi, I’m Shelby! 


This is why when it comes to business coaching, we start with your version of success.
Because some trite marketing tactics and business advice are not the same as a true business strategy. 
Growing a business that compliments your lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. 

I can show any photographer how to make more money, but I can’t promise you’ll be happy when you get there. 

Here’s what we’ll do together: 

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Practices and coaching to uncover what’s holding you back from making progress, so you can become resilient and make empowered, value-driven decisions in your business and life. 


It’s not just about profit margins; it’s about having more than enough in all areas of your life, whether it be time, energy, and mental capacity. It’s time to leverage your time to create more success and truly reap the rewards of business ownership – freedom!


Get ready for simple, effective pricing strategies and money management that will give you the stability and growth you’ve been looking for.

(No math degree required. I promise.)


Uplevel your messaging and market positioning so that you don’t get overlooked by potential clients. Let’s layer in your unique personality, values, and expertise than is doing what everyone’s doing.


"My mentoring session with Shelby helped affirm and guide me in the direction I want to go with my business. She had a lot of great insight in the areas where I was looking for help. She has an incredibly kind and generous personality as well, and was an open book sharing from her own experiences in her business. I would absolutely recommend her if you're looking to grow as a photographer and want to learn more about running a successful business, and/or balancing life and business in a healthy way. Shelby is a gem, and I'm so glad I got to meet and learn from her!"

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Ready to build a business that supports the lifestyle of your dreams? Hit the button below and let’s help you create more success without sacrificing your sanity. 

Keep your energy for working in your zone of genius and choosing what matters to you. 

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