And getting you to that place – where you feel at ease and maybe even excited and confident about presenting your signature package, booking more of your dream clients, helping you stand out in your industry, and enabling you to make more while working less – is where I come in! 

You should feel confident about its ability to make long-lasting results. 

When it comes to developing a business plan,

I was so hustle sick to the point where I experienced nausea, acne, stomachache, etc. on a daily basis.

Until it wasn’t funny anymore…

In college, I was a full force achiever— that’s what I called it then. I was committed to anything I could possibly fit into my schedule and then some. I started my photography business along with a couple of more side hustles (apparently one wasn’t enough!) while I was working a part-time job. In addition to that, I was involved in ministry work and took as many classes in school as I could. Working until 3 am was “normal”, and I often joked about how chaotic and busy my life was…

Hi, I’m Shelby! 

My burnout finally came to an end after realizing that I didn’t want to become a mom who would miss her son’s soccer games. I wanted to be a present wife, mom, friend, business owner, etc. for those around me. 

I didn’t want to be sick all the time, I wanted to respect my physical and mental health. From the moment God brought me to wholeness from hustle, I knew this is what I was called to do. 

And it wasn’t just the actions I was taking that caused me to stay stuck; it was the narrative in my head and heart, too.

You’re not wrong…but be honest with me for a moment:
Has the hustle mentality become your default? 

Maybe you’ve talked yourself into believing that it’s normal to experience seasons of hustle in entrepreneurship. 

It is what it is…I just need to hustle through then I’ll take a nap *fingers crossed*

I need to take on more jobs to support my family

I HAVE to be on 24/7 or my business won’t survive.

My guess is: If you’re an ambitious business owner with big goals and a busy schedule, it’s easy to fall into a few mindset traps that have you thinking:

You’ve gotten this far by serving your clients well and being creative, but it’s time to lay down the chaos and start building (or rebuilding) a business that produces fruitful results, so you can support your family financially and enjoy the work you do without sacrificing your time and beauty sleep. 

What if the first step in getting to that dream life and business doesn’t lie within hustling your way to the top, skipping family gatherings, or running low on dry shampoo?

With a background in psychology, I bridge the gap between personal development and practical business strategies. I provide tools and techniques that encourage impactful behavior and belief change – from time management to client experience, market positioning, and pricing – so you can experience lasting results sooner while feeling at ease in the process.

To help ambitious entrepreneurs and photographers like you work from a place of rest and freedom, so you can truly thrive. 

I take a different approach than most business coaches out there.

with space for margin in your work, while making more impact (and smart business strategies can help you do just this).


is the new sexy: you can steward your gifts and talents, and run a successful business without being glued to your phone.


is achieved when you’re empowered and equipped to discern what needs to go and what needs to stay. 

True Freedom

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I live in Missouri with my husband, Jared, and our baby, Isaiah…we’re committed to raising him to love Chipotle as much as we do. But hey…I’d put down a taco to work with someone like you. 

So what do you say? 

Let’s find out if coaching is what you need! 

Simply put – I empower you to build a business that produces life. 

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