November 3, 2017

Katie & August | Big Cedar Shooting Academy | Shea Brianne Photography Wedding

In preparing these photos for this post the last couple of days, I have been considering what to write about Katie and August’s beautiful Big Cedar Shooting Academy Wedding. I thought about talking about sweet Katie is (because good Lord, is she SWEET), and I also thought about writing about how much I loved that there was the perfect amount of both August & Katie during this day– lots of flowers for Katie, and hunting lodge decor for August. I could talk about how beautiful Katie’s dress was or how perfect all of the details were, but what I really feel like I should talk about is how uncommonly blissful this wedding was. I don’t think I realized it on the day of, but this wedding was so much more than just beautiful. It wasn’t just that it went smoothly or that the lighting was perfect or that things just worked out. There are certain weddings that are simply unforgettable because of some unspoken, indescribable quality that is built by the most wonderful of people who are there and the love that they are sharing during this celebration. This is one of those weddings.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a lot of weddings. Many might be surprised to know that all weddings are very different! The idea that a photographer can come in with a same-old, same-old shot list and sail through the day is a misconception. Wedding days are typically fast-paced, fun, beautiful, chaotic, emotional, and everything in between. Rarely can you completely know what to expect! However, I have to say that Katie and August’s wedding was different. The day went very smoothly, but aside from that, it was so joy-filled that it almost didn’t feel real. As I edited through these images, I found myself smiling at how big Katie’s smile was the ENTIRE day. Her happiness was so pure and unadulterated that it literally glows in these images. SHE glows in these images. And also, I found myself giggling a little bit because August is such a man– always composed and very serious-looking, but at certain moments, you see him looking at Katie with this slight grin and can just tell that deep down, she is his soft spot. Nothing is sweeter than those little nuances being captured throughout a wedding day. It’s those things that I live to chase after.

From the start of the day, like I keep saying, Katie was a total gem. She brought along her beautiful invitation suite (I mean, LOOK at it!) along with a soft pink bottle of perfume and her grandmother’s ring (her something old). I adored photographing these. Sidenote: the little leaves and flowers styled with the details? Totally just ripped them off a nearby bush to add some color to the shots! Katie, if you owned that place where you were getting ready, my apologies! Also, I loved Katie’s bridesmaids. Seriously. Best bridesmaids ever! They were so kind and so helpful throughout the day– and it didn’t hurt that they were all drop-dead gorgeous!

While I was shooting with the girls, August was doing some shooting of his own with the guys (gun shooting, that is). So typical for the guys to not have to get ready until an hour before the ceremony and to be doing something like that! When we arrived at Big Cedar’s Shooting Academy, I was so excited for the ceremony! This was our first time shooting here, and as usual, Big Cedar did not disappoint with this new venue. All of their viewpoints have amazed me, but this one?! PERFECTION. I mean, the sunset hits the hills like magic and pink and purple clouds were flooding the sky with this beautiful light. It was literally what my dreams are made out of! But, don’t take my word for it, look for yourself!

I could go on and on about why I loved this wedding and why I adore this couple so much, but I’ll continue their story in image form from here. Katie and August, we love you guys and were honored to be a part of your day. Thank you so much for choosing us and for trusting us with your wedding day! And to your families– you are so lucky to have these two in your life! I appreciate my couples and their families so much for making my dream job a reality, and for letting me be a part of such a special and beautiful season of their lives! I hope you cherish these images forever!


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