June 3, 2018

Bride University: Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Having every beautiful detail carefully selected for your wedding day can begin to feel like wasted efforts if your plans start to go array the day of. That’s why I always recommend that my brides hire a planner. Whether you choose a day-of coordinator or a full-fledge planning and styling service, having someone to manage your schedule, your people, and your vendors is essentially like hiring someone to take away about 90% of the major stressors or potential problems you could run into on your wedding day. In case you’re not convinced, here are my top three reasons why I believe that every bride needs a wedding planner.

REASON No. 1 – You’re only one person.

No matter how organized you are, no matter how carefully you plan things down to the minute, and no matter how hard you try (or how many late nights you pull)– you are still only one person! Pulling together all of the elements of a wedding from the planning stages to the rehearsal to the day-of set up to coordinating all of your family and friends on the day of– it’s too much for one person! The main reason brides usually pass up hiring a wedding planner is because they think they can handle it themselves or because they have a friend who thinks that they can handle it themselves. While this might save room in the budget, it’s just not worth sacrificing your peace during this busy season!  Hiring a professional wedding planning business often doesn’t just mean that you’re getting someone to help plan things for you, but usually there is a team of interns or employees who can get things done way faster than you can on the day-of so you can focus on what matters!

REASON No. 2 – You probably have “wedding syndrome” and need a planner to bring you back to reality.

What is wedding syndrome? Wedding syndrome is something that many brides, like myself when I got married, experience when your emotions lead you into some messy situations that involve your wedding day planning. Here’s how it usually goes: you’re engaged. You love this guy and have this vision of a beautiful, big white farmhouse with two dogs sitting on the front porch while you’re drinking lemonade in the summer and all you need to make that happily every after come true is a perfect wedding day. So, you put all of those dreamy, loveboat emotions into your wedding day plans. You scour Pinterest and design the perfect dessert table that is so totally “you guys”, buy a personalized guest book that you just know you’ll keep forever, and choose a floral installation that is going to signify your undying love for one other with the perfect shade of blush roses. Basically, you develop wedding plans based on your EMOTIONS. This can get sticky, and honestly, when you’re in this frame of mind as a bride, it’s just hard to get a grasp on reality. Having a planner in this type of situation gives you a realistic point of view from a professional who works on weddings on a day-to-day basis. A planner will help you decide what’s realistic, what’s in the budget, what’s doable, and what actually matters to give you a meaningful wedding day!

REASON No. 3 – This day matters too much for you to not love every memory about it.

Put all the pretty plans away; why are you getting married? Hopefully, it’s because you’re crazy in love with your best friend! As a professional wedding vendor, it’s my goal to make sure my brides look back on their wedding day and have great feelings about their wedding day experience with me. The best wedding planners have the same goal. They take care of the busy work and make your dream wedding plans come true so that you can truly enjoy your engagement season, family and friends, and your wedding day.

Hiring a wedding planner is worth setting aside budget for when choosing your wedding day vendors. Prioritizing your peace of mind and smooth wedding day plan starts with selecting someone who can help run your day so you can focus on what really matters! If you’re a local bride looking for recommendations, shoot me an email for our recommended vendors list!

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