June 13, 2016

Holiday Island, Arkansas Fine Art Photography Engagement Session – Katrina & Kyle



I remember when these two walked into the coffee shop on that cool evening for their consultation, I just had a feeling I was going to really like them. And you know what? My intuition was confirmed when Katrina emailed me a few months later saying that she really wanted to incorporate a canoe into her lakeside engagement session. Canoe + Arkansas mountains + Lake + Engagement session? Yes, definitely a woman after my own heart! We packed up the equipment and drove down to Holiday Island, Arkansas where Katrina’s family enjoys spending time on the lake, golfing, and hiking. The views were amazing, as you can see! Katrina and Kyle will be marrying here in September as well, and I cannot wait to photograph their lakeside dream wedding (literally, a DREAM location. Like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie…).


Katrina and Kyle are high school sweethearts–as if they weren’t already cute enough. Throughout the session, Kyle was constantly making Katrina laugh, causing her to break through her soft, sweet demeanor with a big smile. I love seeing couples who have personalities that truly compliment each other. I saw so many similarities between Kyle and Katrina, but at the same time, it was their differences that made it obvious that they blend into the perfect match. As we trekked along to the different spots around Holiday Island, Kyle and Katrina filled us in on where to go and where the best sights were. We checked out the local marina, went to a lookout point, and also visited Beaver Bridge. And see that canoe that they are sweetly lounging in? They actually paddled that baby all the way from the marina to the location spot that we picked out over in a cove. Like, they paddled it across the lake, basically. These two deserve a hardcore client-couple of the year award for that one!

2016-06-13_0007 2016-06-13_0008

I hope you enjoy these soft, romantic lakeside images as much as I do! I loved getting to know this couple and seeing them slowly become more open in front of the camera. I have to say that these are some of my favorite engagement images I have taken! The beautiful light, the perfect landscape, and such a sweet, sweet couple. Katrina and Kyle, I am counting down the days to your wedding with you. I cannot wait to be there with you to capture every moment and have more adventures together! It’s going to be a beautiful day, just like this one was!

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2016-06-13_0009 2016-06-13_0037 2016-06-13_0032 2016-06-13_0044 2016-06-13_0027 2016-06-13_0036 2016-06-13_0031 2016-06-13_0020 2016-06-13_0004 2016-06-13_0010 2016-06-13_0025 2016-06-13_0057 2016-06-13_0046 2016-06-13_0043 2016-06-13_0052 2016-06-13_0040 2016-06-13_0041 2016-06-13_0030 2016-06-13_0029 2016-06-13_0028 2016-06-13_0038 2016-06-13_0055 2016-06-13_0026 2016-06-13_0050 2016-06-13_0023 2016-06-13_0016 2016-06-13_0006 2016-06-13_0012 2016-06-13_0021 2016-06-13_0011 2016-06-13_0003 2016-06-13_0001 2016-06-13_0056 2016-06-13_0018 2016-06-13_0058 2016-06-13_0054 2016-06-13_0024 2016-06-13_0022 2016-06-13_0013 2016-06-13_0019 2016-06-13_0015

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